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CAMILE Solidum,




Camile started her healthcare career in 2009 when she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Angeles University in Pampanga, Philippines. She initially began working as an RN on the Medical/Surgical unit in Guam before relocating to Arizona in 2011.  After moving to Arizona, she began working at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center in Glendale. She continued to work as an RN there for 8 years, working in many different units within the hospital. She wanted to make a bigger impact, so she went back to school and obtained her Family Nurse Practitioner degree from Grand Canyon University in 2018. Camile has worked in different specialties during her career but her love for wound medicine did not fade, and in mid-2023 she joined Valley Wound Care Specialists. 


Camile’s previous experience in primary care, infectious diseases, urology, as well as her inpatient hospital nursing experience make her a well-rounded provider to care for both simple and complex wound cases. She has experience as a surgical first assist and has worked in the perioperative setting at a large, Level One Trauma hospital. She loves working with her hands and the art of wound medicine.  Camile is passionate about delivering quality patient-centered care, especially to underserved/vulnerable populations and those who suffer from health disparities. She believes in patient empowerment through education and access to resources. Camile is a continual learner and strives to be up to date with the latest science and data in order to provide her patients with the highest quality evidence-based care. She believes passionately in the VWCS philosophy of “Caring for the whole patient, and not just the hole in the patient.” 

Camile was born in the Philippines and grew up on Oahu, Hawaii. She went to Punahou School and then went back to Philippines to pursue her nursing degree. “Community Health Nursing” was integrated into the curriculum, and she was exposed to poverty, hygiene and health in the Philippines. She learned a lot about 3rd world diseases and the lack of access to basic healthcare and clean water amongst other things- this was a very humbling experience for her. 


When not working, Camile loves to spend time with her family, her dog, and tend to her chickens and quails. She loves to paddleboard and spend time camping somewhere near the water during the Arizona summers. She likes to hike and be outdoors. She loves music and playing her ukulele. She also likes doing DIY projects around the house.

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